Israel defends itself

JPost - Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a press conference on Monday that while he was sorry for lives lost, the organizers of the Gaza-bound protest flotilla were solely responsible for the outcome of the fatal IDF raid earlier in the day. Fifteen activists were killed and dozens wounded in the violent clashes. Barak said that the soldiers tried to disperse the activists aboard the ship peacefully but were forced to open fire to protect themselves. He called the flotilla a provocation, specifically called the IHH, an Islamic aid organization, "extremist supporters of terror."
Naturally the western media are painting this as some sort of unwarranted attack by the Israelis, the palis and their western sycophants were just out delivering flowers and candy when the zionists attacked slaughtering at will you see. Never mind the blockade and that the Israelis tried not to kill these pieces of shit, doesn't matter one iota, to the western leftist, Jew=bad, pali=good. Anyway buried far down in the news report. - ...The Israeli army said four soldiers had been injured, one of them severely, in the clashes on board one of the boats in which live ammunition was used by both sides. ...According to Israel's private channel 10 television, Israeli marine commandos had opened fire after being attacked with axes and knives by a number of the passengers on board the aid ships, the television said, without giving the source of its information.
Apparently Australian journalist Paul McGeough was on one of the ships and is just itching to bring us a "terrific story". If any of you remember this fellow from the Iraq war [probably not], I think it'll be safe to say, there won't be many facts in his "terrific story". Either way you can be sure that Israel will be painted as the bad guy and the palis as merely defending themselves. These days, no matter what muslims do, their leftist whores always carry water for them.

There may come a day when the western world doesn't wield much military or diplomatic power, when Jew-hating leftists squawking about Israel is just irritation noise, then Israel might not bother with intercepting pali shitbags begging them to please turn around, they might just resort to firing off a smart missile and blowing them all sky-high out of the water. No wait, they wouldn't do that, they're far too humane for that and that's why they'll keep getting kicked in the teeth for it.


  1. Great interview with an Israeli spokesman on 7.30 Report. He basically said the boats were manned by agitators and "useful idiots". Red Kerry immediately jumped on that saying, "I'm sure you don't mean the Australian journalists!" No, no, Kerry. You just keep on believing whatever it is that gets you through the day.

  2. I see those scumbags getting shot has given kevvie an opportunity to deflect attention away from his own miserable bastardry. Look everyone, a Jew!

  3. You seem to grant Israel the same political/cultural indemnity that you criticise the left for granting Muslims.
    I personally believe that Israel's policies regarding Gaza are abhorrent. This doesn't mean I don't acknowledge Palestinian (and Islamic in general) hate-mongering.
    To treat the issue as black-and-white is a mistake (regardless of which side of the fence you choose).

  4. Israel doesn't behave in the way that the muslims do. And i also don't believe the left are mere observers in this.

    But you are free to think otherwise.

  5. I'm not claiming that they do, I'm saying that you do not recognise the (lesser perhaps) evils that Israel commits, which makes you look like a mindless defender of Israel instead of a thoughtful opinion maker who happens to be aligned with Israel.

    In the past I have forwarded your articles regarding Muslims to friends. You often raise great points about the hypocrisy of the group, I wish I liked your articles on Israel more.

  6. I'm not claiming that they don't either. I'm sure Israel is guilty of the odd crime, however i'm sure the world doesn't need me to inform them of it. There are enough haters out there carping on about the real and imagined evils of Israel. Neither am i a mindless defender of Israel, in fact their weakness and dithering often pisses me off.

    Also i am not and never aspired to be an opinion maker, neither am i a purporting to be an unbiased journalist or something. I am biased in favor of Conservatism, Christianity, Western culture and Israel and i'm proud of it. I merely offer my biased opinion to the world and they can make of it what they will.

    "In the past I have forwarded your articles regarding Muslims to friends."

    Well thanks for that, i hope it enlightened them.

  7. You seem intelligent enough to recognise that bias does not mean that you often support something but that you irrationally support something (even if this influence is only slight).

    I guess I am surprised that you would publish your thoughts on a topic that you also recognise you are biased on.

    This is your blog though.

  8. My support of Israel is not irrational.

    "I guess I am surprised that you would publish your thoughts on a topic that you also recognise you are biased on."

    I'm surprised that you think people would not publicly discuss things they are in favor of, seems kind of stupid not to talk about topics they are biased in. None the less they are free to silence themselves if they want to.

    "This is your blog though."

    Yes, i've been doing this for a long time and over the years many have often felt that they're entitled to decide what i post on and how i post it. But their wishes and dreams have remained elusive so far.


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