Australias obama - Rudd knifed - KEVIN Rudd this morning looks certain to lose his prime ministership in a caucus ballot after he and Julia Gillard last night spent a desperate 2 1/2 hours in failed talks. Key Labor powerbrokers yesterday moved on Mr Rudd, telling the Deputy Prime Minister she had the numbers to win. But Mr Rudd made it clear he would not step aside and that his enemies would have to force him out.
I'm sure most of the electorate has long forgotten but I find it ironic that this is happening in the political party that promised us at previous elections that voting for their opponents then-current leaders would mean a vote for someone else who was far more dangerous. Now we know the labor scum were projecting their own dishonesty onto others. In NSW we can't even get one labor minister to serve out as the minister for the full term, and we're on our third premier of NSW now, who knows who will be next.

And it turns out federally, a vote for rudd was actually a vote for julia gillard. At least John Howard had the decency to tell us before the election that he wouldn't serve out his full term. But then, he was no leftist scumbag. I still remember only weeks ago gillard was promising us she had not intention of challenging rudd, it's kevin all the way, yay!

I hate to say it, but I believe that if rudd is shafted, it'll mean another 3 years of wretched leftist government. I don't think that gillard is much better than rudd, but that won't matter. From what I've seen the media in this country are happy to give any old leftist shitbag many chances to screw us over. It took a lot of screw ups from kevin rudd and us around $90 billion in debt before some [not all] of them decided to stop spit-polishing his ass and start reporting objectively.

Now with a new leader, a leftist woman at that, they'll be right back swooning and spit-polishing at full strength. She's going to have to mount her own list of screw ups that simply cannot be ignored and it'll cost us plenty in the process. The election is not two years away and she won't have screwed up as much before it.

I realize it's not the media that decide who is elected, but the voters out there get their information from the media. Most people don't listen to talkback or read the unbiased papers, heck there are enough people out there who think rudd is doing a good job, so with a fresh leader, a woman to boot, it'll be a long while before they catch on.

My view is that gillard will be elected into power just like barack hussein obama, first woman prime minister, isn't it wonderful, history is being made, let's all hold hands, new leader, fresh start, give her a chance you sexist bastards, we are the world, la-la-la-la.

Tony Abbott is what we need to save us from rudds screwing, but I doubt very much that enough people will vote for him. Apart from the media smear-job that's already been done to him to secure the female vote for labor, there's the greens. It's weird but even the people angry with rudd are unwilling to vote for Abbott, they claim they're not sure about him and whether he can do a better job leading the country, then they tell us they'll give their vote to the greens, the party that hasn't been in charge of anything bigger than the peanut gallery.

The sad reality is that we're not a nation looking for conservative government, we're looking for efficient socialist government and Tony Abbott is a conservative. Perhaps when Australia is like Britain, broke financially and socially, when there's nothing left to break and it's too late to save, we'll look for an adult to save the farm.


  1. Rudd's now rumoured to be participatin' in the World Cup..
    They're using his Nut as a Football.

  2. " ... only weeks ago gillard was promising us she had not intention of challenging rudd, it's kevin all the way, yay! ... "

    Yep, saw that. I recall thinking she reminded me of a blue-tongue lizard when I saw her on TV that day. Her true reptilian colours are revealed.

    Doncha just love this mob?

  3. I just hope we are not dumb enough to fall for the smoke and mirrors, gillard can wash her hands of rudd, but she was part of it.

    And i don't understand why every one keeps saying PM-elect, she wasn't elected by us, unless labor now sees Australia as labor with a couple of us peasants hanging around to work for them.

    And what about rudd and his whingeing and sniffling speech, what a joke that was, i couldn't watch too much of that.

  4. "Gillard to become Australia's first female prime minister as tearful Fudd stands aside "

    Not true she's just usurped the first.

  5. MK, she wasn't even elected by her own party. Krunt just stepped aside.

    Julia Buzzard said time and time again she wasn't going to challenge, but her first speech was a very polished performance which must have been well rehearsed.

    Oh well, I am glad to see Krunt cop it in the neck. He thoroughly deserved it after lying to the public for so many years. But Buzzard is a fake too, I don't know why people are fooled by her. I guess they want to be fooled...

  6. Valid point ar, i suppose it's a technicality though, rudd would have been rogered if he wanted to put it to a vote.

    I suppose he got what he deserved, but i'm more worried about the future, i have a nagging feeling that the same smoke and mirrors bullshit that labor pulls in NSW will work in canberra.

    We've seen how much the left can lie and smear, and we've seen how many fell for it over and over. Another 3 years of these socialists will get us to Britain, a place we can't recover from.


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