What Israel has to do

I'm sure everyone's seen the fiasco that happened the other day, Israel vs the flotilla of islamist and leftist hate. For some odd reason, Israel seems to think that it can win over support from the coalition of hate that is jihadist islam and western leftism by appeasing them. No matter how many times Israel bends to the left and bends to the back and shoves its legs up its nose, nothing changes, the haters never stop hating them and as always Israel is guilty first, last and always.

There's a couple of things that Israel needs to figure out and I must say I find it odd that they don't already know this.

Israel is now friendless
Hate to burst the bubble, but Israel was always friendless, no nation has friends, we only have allies and that will change every now and then. This has always been the case in our history, allies today, indifferent tomorrow, enemies after that and back to friends again or something like that. Just in our lifetime, the west was pitched in a death struggle against the Japanese, we fought tooth and nail to kill each other and today we're driving Japanese cars and tucking into sushi. Look at America, a friend of Israel during the Bush years and after just one election, an indifferent stranger at best. Bottom line, you may have allies, but don't consider them friends.

Take care of your own shit
Because you have no friends, don't depend on anyone for your national security, only have temporary alliances until you can stand on your own two feet, if some other nation wants to help, then that's nice, accept it and thank them for it. But to put it bluntly, learn to take care of your own shit and do so in whatever way is necessary. If you need to cut back on social services or buy more bombs, then kick the parasites and buy the @#$%ing bombs. Bottom line, you're not accountable to anyone, so if some flotilla of hate is approaching, blow them out of the water and when the whining starts, just tell em', don't like it, then don't come here with your flotilla of hate.

International law
Tell anyone who quotes this shit to shove it up their ass, mass murder happens in places like Zimbabwe, Sudan, North Korea etc but nothing is done to stop it. Just recently North Korea blew up a South Korean navy ship and where the @#$% was international law then. Bottom line, tell anyone whining about being blown out of the water, feck off to North Korea and when you're done call me, I might give a shit. If you don't like it, then don't come here with your flotilla of hate.

The international community
Israel needs to get this through their heads, the international community is either toothless or indifferent or just cowardly, maybe all of the above. I am part of the international community, if someone told me right now that the IDF had blown some really innocent peace ship to smithereens on the high seas, I'm not going to mount some sort of offensive campaign against them. I might whine or caterwaul about it, but that's all, nothing else will happen. This is the same for the leftist haters in the west, they'll do the bidding of their islamist pimps and protest and whine, but that's all they're going to do. If you show that you are not weak and pathetic they won't push you around.

And let me assure you, even if the west wanted to do something, we don't have the means to do anything. Much of the western world cannot even defend its homes from home invasion, we cannot defend our towns, we outsourced our shit long ago to governments that don't care. So forget mounting some sort of offensive against a country far away for fools and scumbags who should have known better. Bottom line, if you don't want your citizens blown out of the water on our seas, then don't send them to join the flotilla of hate.

International relations
There is no doubt that Israel will take a battering from whiners in Europe and the rest of the west who just can't contain their hatred of Jews, but the way I see it this is temporary and will pass. I'm reminded of a placard held up by a Tea Party protester in America, the placard read, 'Whatever it says you'll call me racist'. Israel needs to do the equivalent of that, ignore the whining and also hold out for one of two things to happen, the west to figure out its ass from its elbow or for the west to die.

One of these is going to happen, muslims are growing in numbers in Europe and the west and we all know what happens when the muslim population grows. When this happens, there will be plenty of fatwas, honor killings and jihad going around keeping westerners busy for them to have time to protest about flotillas of hate being blown out of the water. By then even the west will wake up and realize that this is what Israel has been putting up with for decades now.

If this doesn't happen, it means the west has surrendered and Europeans will die off because there simply aren't enough westerners being born and muslims will take over and that'll be the end of any protesting and threats of sanctions and such from the dwindling west. France and Britain will be just another Yemen or Turkey, different faces, same blind hate. By then Israel had better be ready to take care of its own shit, or they too will be killed off.

If Israel is not prepared to do the above, they might as well call off the paint-ball carrying commandos and open the borders and just die quickly, that's what will happen if they keep dancing around the flotillas of hate.


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