The big ego that turned a rooster into a feather duster in less than 3 years

The Federal legislators of the Australian Labor Party (Australia's major Leftist party) have just done something impossible in America: fired the head of the administration. The man fired, Kevin Rudd, was Australia's Obama in more ways than one. Congress can't fire Obama but under Australia's British ("Westminster") system such things are possible. Below are some comments about Rudd by Andrew Bolt, a prominent Australian conservative commentator. It is striking to note how typically Leftist was Rudd's psychology

Blame the early loss of his father, or just his wiring, but Rudd has had a manic need to assert himself, as if to make up for a deep insecurity. He'd do whatever was needed to win authority over others, or just praise. He'd be whatever you wanted him to be.

And so he'd tell me one pleasing thing in private, but another populist thing in public. He'd hold press conferences outside his church to impress conservatives, but visit a strip club to impress an editor. He'd talk primly to voters, but abuse a stewardess.

To win the election, he promised to be a Howard-lite, crying: "This sort of reckless spending must stop." To win applause, he embarked on the greatest spending spree we've seen.

And he had to be The Man. As chief of staff to the Queensland premier, or as prime minister visiting an office, he'd show his place in the pecking order by putting his boots on the desk or table.

None of this need matter. But Rudd gave in to the same deep insecurities in trying to run a team of ministers. He had to decide everything, so delays were endless. Most ministers other than Treasurer Wayne Swan, Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner and Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard were cut out of the loop.

Rudd chose as his most intimate advisers, mostly people barely 30, eminently bully-able, and he ordered his MPs to visit homeless shelters and report back, as if they were children doing homework.

But when he tried his hectoring on the premiers over his health "reforms", he bought a brawl. And when he repeated the dose on our biggest mining chiefs, he bought a war he could not win.

Those insecurities killed him in the end. His fatal confrontation with Gillard was prompted in part by his refusal to believe she was as loyal as she professed. To check she was not plotting, he sent a 31-year-old aide to ring his MPs, and this last insult fuelled a bushfire.

Yet Rudd could have been saved, if voters had now not seen through him. For almost three years he has had stratospheric approval ratings. He was rated highly for trustworthiness and vision, and seemed to have a plan, and to be meticulous in implementing it.

His fall started when his grandiose schemes started to fail - and none more badly that his "free insulation" disaster.

How could this man who seemed so diligent bungle one thing after another? But the public smelled fraud only when Rudd was this year forced to drop one more overblown, oversold plan - the emissions trading scheme that he'd promised to tackle, "the great moral challenge of our time". Now it seemed to many that Rudd had tricked them. He was a fake.

Even yesterday, in his moving farewell speech, Rudd showed how much of his achievements were just cardboard scenery. He listed the targets he'd set for tackling homelessness and Aboriginal poverty - targets he wasn't actually meeting. He cited his apology to the "Stolen Generations" - people no one can find. He praised his signing of the Kyoto Accord - which led to what? He mentioned his health reform - which hasn't even been settled.

But in standing there crying, Rudd showed at last the wounded man he was. He was as humble as it would have suited him to have been from the start.


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  1. No No NO !

    As much as I love Andrew Bolt's writings, this sort of talk will lead to a massive Labour election win.

    Our message must be united:
    Kevin Rudd was a minor player in the disaster. Swann presided over the massive debt, Gillard over the BER rorts and laptop fiasco, Garrett over the murderous insulation scam, Conroy over the NBN waste etc etc.

    Labour and the media are going to paint Rudd as the cause of everything and Gillard as the saviour.
    Gillard-0h-10 (aka Kevin07) all over again.

    Andrew Bold has identified factually correct points, but our message MUST be that this was LABOUR who did it, not Rudd as the media will portray.

  2. You're dead right, Anon. Gillard should be asked which of the disastrous policies that brought Krunt undone, did she argue against. Which ones did she not support. Of course the answer is none.

    Instead Gillard wants to give Rudd a ministry job - how about taking over cleaning up the insulation mess from Combet?

  3. The latest election polls show gillard in an election winning lead.

    Amazing isn't it, change the salesman and the sales pitch and the people are happy to swallow the same stinkin shit.

    It should surprise anyone though, labor did this in NSW over and over and the electorate proved them right over and over.

    Fucksakes, prove me wrong, tell me that Australia will not have to become a Britain, broken by the left before we pull our heads out of our asses.

  4. Ohhhh MathewK
    You`ve hit the nail on the head !!

    The same was done here in Victoria - we elected Steve Bracks Labour, and a few months later, we had Brumby as leader.

    Labour seem to have a well established tactic of putting forward the "electable", centrist leader, and then dumping them for a hardcore leftist.

    The Libs should do their (incompetant) best to tell this to the Australian people.


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