Send her to jail

Daily Mail - A woman who sparked a £150,000 police investigation by ripping her clothes and giving herself a black eye, then lying about a violent sex attack, has been told she will be jailed. Four students spent nearly three days behind bars as a result of the convincing injuries Leyla Ibrahim inflicted on herself, with one of the suspects attempting to kill himself.

...It emerged Ibrahim invented the attack after a row with a male friend when he refused to lend her the money for a taxi home after a night out. Deciding she ‘wanted to teach people a lesson’, a court heard she cut and tore the blue frilly dress she was wearing as well as her black leggings and bra, leaving her breasts partially exposed.
Good, she was perfectly willing to let other people pay for a terrible crime they did not commit. She won't get the same as a rapist, however she should pay a hefty price for pulling a stunt like this. The other thing is that she's making life for real victims of rape so much harder.

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