Democrats want this in America - A GROUP of more than 30 gunmen have stormed a northern Mexican drug rehabilitation centre and opened fire, killing 19 people and wounding four. The rampage, the latest in a wave of violence linked to the narcotics trade, took place in the northern city of Chihuahua near midnight on Thursday, when the gunmen arrived aboard six trucks, according to a federal police official.
If this is what these savages are doing to each other down in Mexico, can you imagine what they'll be doing to Americans if they got half a chance. Most Americans with a brain will know that they'd much rather not find out first hand and would rather the border be secured to keep scum like this out. And I'm sure democrats will tell you, hand on heart, that they wouldn't want this happening to their beloved American constituents who they love so much. And before drawing the next breath, move straight onto attacking anyone who dares to secure the border and deport illegals as racist and full of hate.

I used to think that liberal morons would be in favor of illegal immigration no matter how many law-biding citizens are beaten, raped and murdered by illegals, until that is the liberal in question becomes the victim. But I'm wrong on that, apparently even paying the price of their own stupidity cannot kick them out of their self-induced retardation.
NRO - The story with the highest irony quotient this fortnight concerned Massachusetts state representative Mike Moran, a keen supporter of Gov. Deval Patrick’s “sanctuary state” policies towards illegal immigrants. Representative Moran was waiting in his car at a red light when he was rear-ended at 60 mph by Isaias Naranjo, an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Mr. Naranjo had no license, and his blood alcohol level was three times the limit. Nothing abashed, he laughed at the police when they read these charges to him, and scoffed that nothing would happen to him as he could just go back to “my country.” Not to be outdone in reckless candor, Moran said to a TV reporter after the event: “I have been and will continue to be pro-immigrant and in some cases even pro-illegal-immigrant.
I couldn't believe it when I read it this morning and I'm still finding it hard to believe. Either that illegal knocked this fellows brain out the windshield or he didn't have one. Trying to talk sense to a liberal is like trying to teach a baboon how to perform heart surgery. In defense of the baboon, it at least has a valid excuse.


  1. You would think that democrats would want the border secure, for at least their own safety. But, they don't. Democrats are nonsensical nitwits.

  2. Even when literally being rammed up the arse by illegal immigrants, liberals are still telling us how good it feels. And I still don't believe a word they say.

  3. Dangerous nitwits Teresa.

    "Even when literally being rammed up the arse by illegal immigrants, liberals are still telling us how good it feels."

    LOL that made me laugh, thanks ar.


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