Americas gaza

Fox News - Mexicans are seething over the second death of a countryman at the hands of U.S. Border Patrol agents in two weeks, an incident near downtown El Paso that is threatening to escalate tensions over migrant issues. U.S. authorities said Tuesday a Border Patrol agent was defending himself and colleagues when he fatally shot the 15-year-old as officers came under a barrage of big stones while trying to detain illegal immigrants on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande. ...Mexican President Felipe Calderon said Tuesday that his government "will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants." The government "reiterates its rejection to the disproportionate use of force on the part on U.S. authorities on the border with Mexico," the president added in a statement.
I don't understand this, is there something in the water, did we miss something? It seems every time a representative of the western world is violently confronted by some third-world savages, some strange rules of engagement (ROE) are rolled into action. If the stupid savage is throwing rocks at the westerner, he can't use the advanced weaponry his culture has provided for him to retaliate, he must use the same primitive methods being employed by the savage.

And if he can't find an equivalent or lesser weapon than his attacker, well tough shit apparently, he simply has to stand around and wait until his attacker obtains a similar weapon to his. Another thing, under no circumstances is the westerner allowed to terminate the primitive savage attacking him. I can't be 100% sure, but the only time the westerner is allowed to use lethal force to kill his attacker is if he's already been killed himself and he must have been killed first!

Another thing I've noticed about these ROE, the proponents and supporters of it are never ever the ones who have to live by these ROE. They're never the ones intercepting these more-equal primitive savages on the high seas or at the border. The only way to repel these assholes is as follows.

If I were the president, I'd call a quick conference and make the following statement, Sorry filipe, this is the American border, these are my border patrol agents and from what I'm told these illegals were not throwing throwing apple pies and chocolate-chip cookies at my guards. So if you don't like my agents shooting at your people, then don't come to the border to throw stones and rocks at them. Border patrol agents are not social workers and they are authorized to use lethal force if necessary to protect the borders of the United States.

Finally, I applaud president filipe for stepping up to protect his citizens, I feel the same way too. I too would use all the resources available to protect the lives and rights of my fellow Americans, however disproportionate and this is not, I repeat 'not', subject to the approval of anyone who is not an American citizen. Those Americans who disapprove are welcome to volunteer for border protection duties, move to mexico or vote for the other guy. Thank you all for coming, good day and God bless America.

This has to come from the top, that way those who have to deal with the violent primitive savages won't have to fear later repercussions when performing their duties and everyone including the savages will know exactly where they stand.


  1. MK, facts and logic are unfair weapons against the savage. The leftists advise nothing aggressive more than curling up in the fetal position.

  2. Helpful tip of the day:

    Don't bring a rock to a gunfight.


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