The lion and the owl

Daily Mail - A baby owl had a lucky escape after it fell from its nest into a zoo enclosure - and came face to face with a lion. The fluffy tawny owlet managed to survive for three days after it tumbled from a branch and landed inches from the lioness.

Onlookers feared the worst as female Asiatic lion Indu eyed the surprise visitor. And they were stunned when the little owl appeared to be brazenly demanding food from the King of the Jungle. ...Amazingly she survived and, after several clumsy efforts, eventually managed to take off and fly to safety.

Indu obviously wasn't into that snacking diet thing.


  1. Wow. The zoo must feed that lioness very well indeed. I've never heard of any cat passing up a bird snack :)

  2. Yeah i was thinking that too Betsy, especially for 3 days.


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