Such contempt for the voters

Fox News - The Obama administration has tapped an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement on the local level to oversee and promote partnerships between federal and local officials.

Harold Hurtt, a former police chief in Houston and Phoenix, has been hired as the director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Office of State and Local Coordination. Starting July 6, Hurtt will supervise outreach and communication between ICE, local law enforcement agencies, tribal leaders and representatives from non-governmental organizations.
More and more Americans are angry over the lack of action from their government on the issue of illegal immigration. I know this needs to be said for the benefit of any liberal morons reading this, the majority of Americans want illegals kicked out and the border closed up, not the other way round.

Knowing this obama goes and appoints a fellow who doesn't believe in immigration enforcement to oversee the enforcement of immigration, he is either too stupid to know this, or he knows it and doesn't care what his masters think.

Perhaps obama thinks that Americans are too stupid to see right through this bullshit, in that case, I certainly hope Americans return the favor and inform him and his ilk of scumbags at the next election, that they're too stupid and contemptuous to lead the nation.


  1. Sometimes I read blog information like yours (hadn't heard this) and think it's like reading science fiction.......a critic of immigration enforcement running immigration enforcement; sort of like our idiotic Sec of Labor telling ILLEGALS to call her if they're not treated fairly in the companies at which they work illegally. Matthew, you can't make this stuff up. This is better than Ray Bradbury. And so much scarier.

  2. MK, it is the same thing here with Obama-lite. Before he was stabbed in the back by faceless union machine men, Krunt loaded the trubunal overseeing denied refugee claims with pro-refugee advocates after dumping the tribunal members who statistically ratified more of the denied claims.

    Of course Krunt was politically assassinated by his own side as his disastrous policies started to bite his popularity. Obama's popularity is following a similar trajectory...

  3. I read about that Z, just madness isn't it, absolute madness.

    Didn't know that one ar, but can't say i'm surprised, knowing krunt.

    Needless to say i doubt the new commie on the block will be any different. Though the voters seem to think she's the divine goddess gaia already.


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