Still hands off Iran?

The Australian - Iran has test-fired nine long- and medium-range missiles, including one it claims can reach Israel and US bases in the region, state media reported today. [snip] State Press TV said the missiles tested by Iran's Revolutionary Guards during war games included a “new” Shahab 3 missile, which officials have said could reach targets 2000km away. “The aim of these war games is to show we are ready to defend the integrity of the Iranian nation,” the Arabic language state channel Al-Alam quoted Revolutionary Guards air force commander Hossein Salami as saying. “Our missiles are ready for shooting at any place and any time, quickly and with accuracy. [snip] Yesterday, an aide to Iran's Supreme Leader was quoted as saying the Islamic Republic would hit Tel Aviv, US shipping in the Gulf and US interests around the world if it was attacked over its nuclear activities.
I suppose in all honesty, the answer to my question really is yes, still hands off Iran. Apart from Israel and America, who in the western world has the balls and the capability to make war on and bomb Iran into submission? Heck, most westerners would rather their leaders just shut up so the Iranian bogeyman will just go away. I'm sure there are enough of us who really think, why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons when America has them. The same fools who think that America is more of a threat than China, Iran or N. Korea. They must think that it's some sort of racism, denying Iran entry into the nuclear club. Naturally if Iran does end up getting its nuke and decides to strong-arm Eurabia or wipe out Israel, they'll be squealing in unison that their leaders do something! Hint-hint America and Israel.

I noticed that the leaders of the G8 expressed 'serious' concern, but the article didn't specify whether it was at this news or if it was the larger issue of Iran going nuclear. The people of Zimbabwe being beaten and hacked into line in their fine Democracy should be more grateful, last I heard world leaders after much cajoling, shaming and weaseling finally found it in their hearts to express 'grave' concern at their fate. So in terms of facial expressions, Iran raised one eye brow, while Mugabe's antics raised two eye brows. They must feel truly special. Incidentally, I'm not sure if there was some sort of underlying meaning there with the 'grave' concern. After all the Sudanese were granted 'grave' concern maybe 2/3 years ago and most of them have been ending up in the grave since then.

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