China & Russia against even the wet lettuce!

BBC - A draft resolution to impose sanctions on Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and a number of his key allies has been vetoed at the UN Security Council. China and Russia both rejected the proposed measures, including a freeze on their financial assets and travel. [snip] The UK foreign secretary called China and Russia's stance "incomprehensible". [snip] The UK ambassador said after the vote that the UN had failed in its duty. [snip] However, Russia's ambassador Vitaly Churkin said sanctions would have taken the UN beyond its mandate. [snip] The resolution would have imposed an arms embargo on Zimbabwe and financial and travel restrictions on President Mugabe and 13 of his top officials. It also called for a UN special envoy for Zimbabwe to be appointed.
That's it, financial and travel restrictions on that son-of-a-whore Mugabe and some of his closest hyenas, oh and not giving them any new guns. Restrictions that are brutally imposed on the people of Zimbabwe every bloody day. America and Britain weren't calling for Mugabe to lose his hands or burn him or put his head on a stake in Harare like he deserves and has done to his people, they were calling for some lousy sanctions and for Mugabe not to be allowed to travel the world or something, that's it. A small amount of discomfort, yet China and Russia wouldn't stand for even that. Well, I suppose since both have killed tens of millions of their own people without batting an eyelid, a couple of thousand Africans wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. It's too much for both wicked sons of bitches to just stand by and let one so like themselves get the wet lettuce eh. Shame on both.

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