Only the brother of a terrorist murderer

Daily Mail - The brother of one of the July 7 suicide bombers has been given a free gap-year trip to Pakistan where the London terrorists were schooled in mass murder. Today is the third anniversary of the attacks on London transport, in which 52 died and many more were injured. [snip] The bomber's brother, who has not been named, was flown to Pakistan courtesy of Projects Abroad, a company specialising in gap-year travel. He visited the capital Islamabad and neighbouring provinces, near where the bombers plotted jihad at notorious terror camps. [snip]

But Dr Peter Slowe, the founder of Projects Abroad, said: ' Certainly one of the people was the brother of one of the 7/7 men. 'But look, it was this fella's brother who did a terrible thing, not him. Why shouldn't he do something positive?' Dr Slowe would not say which bomber it was, but added: 'We have had great interest from the Pakistani community in the UK in this scheme. 'James Caan came to us because he is interested in this idea that youngsters should explore their heritage.' The idea behind the scheme is apparently backed by Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary.
Cue the violins, it wasn't him but his brother, give him a chance, reach out you meanies, we must coddle them. The answer to terrorist scum who want to blow us to bits is not killing them before they kill us, but to hold hands, sing kumbaya, smell the flowers and make peace beads. Cue the piano, there was no one more deserving of a free gap-year, no one else in the whole of Britain, no child who lost his father and his mother, no one across the entire country who's doing it tough whom we could try and help instead.

No folks, we could only find the brother of a terrorist bastard who killed a whole bunch of people who wanted to explore his "heritage". We looked folks, we looked hard, but there wasn't a single other immigrant child who wanted to explore his heritage who we thought would be more suitable or deserving. Just the brother of a terrorist who just happened to hate our guts. And if elections weren't coming soon, we don't think the Communities Secretary would give a rat's ass either.

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