An example of leftist tolerance

Daily Mail - The devout Christian registrar who won a landmark legal battle over her refusal to carry out gay ‘weddings’ has spoken for the first time about the devastating campaign of bullying she suffered at the hands of her politically correct colleagues. Lillian Ladele says she was treated as a ‘pariah’ because her traditional values were at odds with the dogmatism of equalities-obsessed Islington Council. ‘This experience has shattered me,’ she said. ‘It has been so overwhelming. For more than two years of my life I was treated as though I was full of hate, which is just not me at all. ‘All I ever wanted was to have my beliefs respected, just as I try to respect the views of others, even if I don’t agree with them.’ Last week, a tribunal ruled that the North London council had ignored her religious objections to same-sex civil partnerships, finally bringing the 47-year-old single mother’s years of torment to an end. It ruled that the council had unfairly placed homosexual couples’ rights above her right to refuse to perform ceremonies that went against her religion.
Yet we are told to be tolerant, to be accepting of all views and cultures, the truth is that the leftie PC brigade only care for their own morally bankrupt ideology. They use tolerance, rights and respect as cudgels to beat and bully the rest of you into line. They don't care about your beliefs, they don't care what you think, they couldn't care less about your rights. One way or another they'll shove their ideology down your throat, to hell with your rights and beliefs.

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