The mere sight of a knife causes nation-wide panic and hysteria

Daily Mail - A judge stunned a court yesterday when he pulled a blade out of his pocket - while sitting on a knife crime case. Judge Roger Connor brandished his knife in front of a 16-year-old boy accused of wounding with intent and assault. The boy, who denies the charges, admits using a folding knife but claims he needed only one hand to open it. Judge Connor pulled out his blade at Oxford Crown Court, saying: 'I have a folding pocket knife in my pocket. You need two hands to open it don't you?'
Well judge, the boy may have a point, maybe your piece-of-crap knife might require both hands but most of these bad-boys don't. Well, apart from the fixed blade ones that is. They have this wave-feature so you can open the knife as you pull it out of your pocket. Having said that, if the knife is out of your pocket and closed, you still don't need both hands, you can even flick em' open.
John Simmons, for the boy, questioned whether carrying the knife in public was legal but the judge said it was as the blade was less than 3in long.
Yes it is, I remember reading about that a long time ago. So you Brits take note and act accordingly. Incidentally, Emerson Knives have the perfect one for any Brits looking to legally carry. I present the Emerson Mini CQC-7B [Blade Length - 2.9in.] and no, I don't have shares in the company or have any interests in them. I just have two of their knives and like them quite a lot.
However, furious anti-knife crime campaigners spoke out in horror yesterday and claimed the deputy circuit judge was setting the wrong example. Lyn Costello, the co-founder of the Mother's Against Murder and Aggression campaign group said that the judge should lose his job. She said: 'I'm absolutely sickened - I've never heard anything so disgraceful. He should lose his job. 'I will be writing to the Attorney-General about it - at the moment one teenager a week is being murdered on the streets of Britain and here he is brandishing a knife. 'Enough is enough - we need to get tough on knives in this country and our judges should be handing out tough sentences - not brandishing their own. 'There's no reason why he needs the knife there with him in the courtroom - long gone are the days when a blade was needed to remove a stone from a horse's hoove.
Oh for the love of..... When will these morons get it, it's not the knives you have to get tough on, it's not the people who carry them either, it's the vermin that use them to kill and injure people you need to get tough on. Your dumbass might think that there is no reason to carry a weapon but when a madman comes storming into the court or into your home, you'll wish you had the brains to carry one wouldn't you. We've already banned guns, knives and all sorts of weapons but people are still getting killed aren't they. So whining and squealing for more laws is obviously not the answer. You can have the toughest punishment but the states simply cannot protect all of the subjects all of the time, the only solution is to allow citizens to bear arms and defend themselves when needed.

And how dare this nannying woman decree that the judge doesn't have a reason to carry a blade when it's not illegal, her feeling hysterical and emotional doesn't give her the right to decide what another person can carry on them. If that's the case, then I don't see any reason for you to carry that handbag into the court dear, what are you hiding, hand it over, why are you wearing earrings, what do you need a watch for, we have a clock here. Why do you have knives in your kitchen, that one looks rather large dear, hand it over, you have teeth and nails, so use em'. Why did you drive here or take a taxi, your carbon assprint is looking rather large and you have legs, so walk. My point is that she probably wouldn't appreciate me sticking my nose into her life, so stay the heck out of everyone else's.

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