Israel is too kind

FOX News - Israel has opened its border crossings with the Gaza Strip after closing them once again because of Palestinian rocket fire. Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner says the crossings opened Sunday morning and that food, fuel and cement are being sent into Gaza. He says Palestinians seeking medical treatment are also being allowed into Israel. Israel and Gaza militants reached a truce agreement on June 19. Under the deal, Israel agreed to reopen the crossings to allow much-needed goods into Gaza. But since then, militants have repeatedly launched rockets into Israel and Israel has shut the crossings in response.
Will the Hamas scum and other assorted jihadist slime stop sending rockets because of this, don't think so folks. If the roles were reversed, do you think the wipe-Israel-off-the-map Pali crowd would let food, fuel etc into Israel. Would they treat Jewish people in their hospital. I think we all know the answer to that.

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