So how's that Multiculturalism working out

Times Online - ALMOST a third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified, according to a poll. The study also found that two in five Muslims at university support the incorporation of Islamic sharia codes into British law. The YouGov poll for the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) will raise concerns about the extent of campus radicalism. “Significant numbers appear to hold beliefs which contravene democratic values,” said Han-nah Stuart, one of the report’s authors. “These results are deeply embarrassing for those who have said there is no extremism in British universities.”

The report was criticised by the country’s largest Muslim student body, Fosis, but Anthony Glees, professor of security and intelligence studies at Buckingham University, said: “The finding that a large number of students think it is okay to kill in the name of religion is alarming. “There is a wide cultural divide between Muslim and nonMuslim students. The solution is to stop talking about celebrating diversity and focus on integration and assimilation.” [snip] In addition to its poll of 1,400 Muslim and nonMuslim students, the centre visited more than 20 universities to interview students and listen to guest speakers. It found that extremist preachers regularly gave speeches that were inflammatory, homophobic or bordering on antisemitic.

The researchers highlighted Queen Mary college, part of London University, as a campus where radical views were widely held. Last December, a speaker named Abu Mujahid encouraged Muslim students to condemn gays because “Allah hates” homosexuality. In November, Azzam Tamimi, a British-based supporter of Hamas, described Israel as the most “inhumane project in the modern history of humanity”. James Brandon, deputy director at CSC , said: “Our researchers found a ghettoised mentality among Muslim students at Queen Mary. Also, we found the segregation between Muslim men and women at events more visible at Queen Mary.” A spokesman for Queen Mary said the university was aware the preachers had visited but did not know the contents of their speeches.

“Clearly, we in no way associate ourselves with these views. However, also integral to the spirit of university life is free speech and debate and on occasion speakers will make statements that are deemed offensive.” In the report, 40% of Muslim students said it was unacceptable for Muslim men and women to associate freely. Homophobia was rife, with 25% saying they had little or no respect for gays. The figure was higher (32%) for male Muslim students. Among nonMuslims, the figure was only 4%. The research found that a third of Muslim students supported the creation of a world-wide caliphate or Islamic state. Hat tip Woman Honor Thyself for the images.

MK - So according to Queen Mary college, free speech and debate means you have to endure offensive statements, excrement alert folks! So how about allowing someone from the BNP speak, how about allowing someone make a pro-America or pro-Israel or pro-Christianity speech then. I'm sure the free speech and debate will suddenly evaporate from "the spirit of university life" then. Multiculturalism, socialism and all that left-wing nonsense have been pushed by our universities for years and years. Conservatives have been ringing the alarm bells about all this but the Universities wouldn't listen. They knew better, it was just us savages who needed to get with the program and go along with their social engineering.

I got bad news folks, the lefties running these bastions of higher learning will not change their ways, they will push ahead with their stupidity no matter how many in their midst radicalize because these idiots are impervious to facts and reality. I'd love to say that it would just be them who will reap the bitter crop of their stupidity but it won't, it'll be us. If we let them continue, it'll be us getting blown up on buses and trains, it'll be us being strongly advised to attend the local mosque or perhaps move, it'll be our women who'll have to cover up or else. It'll be us who will have to accommodate or to paraphrase one Swedish politician, we'll have to be nice to them in the false hope that they'll be nice to us in return.

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