Olympics brings out the 'nasty' side of communist China

Asia News - For "reasons of safety", bars are forbidden to serve "blacks"" and Mongolians or place tables in the street. Street musicians are being banned, and so is buying medicines containing "stimulants" without a prescription. Prohibitions are on the rise for the Olympic capital, while the first leaks reveal a grandiose fireworks display for the inauguration. Bar owners around the Workers' Stadium in downtown Beijing say that public security officials are telling them not to let in "blacks" and Mongolians, and many of them have even had to sign a pledge. The official reason is the fight against drugs and prostitution, dominated in the past by Mongolians and persons of colour. [snip] In some areas, tables are not permitted outside, because “the presence of too many foreigners gathered outside could create problems”. There is also an attempt to shut down outdoor musical concerts, to prevent disorder.
And we thought the Olympics was going to open China up to the outside world, perhaps encourage the Chinese communists to grant their subjects more rights and freedoms even. Fat chance. Hopefully the MSM and to a smaller extent, we bloggers can keep reminding people of what life is really like in China and cajole the communists into doing the right thing.

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