The great global warming scam.

This, from a brilliant post over at Eternity Road:
"...Now, scientists can disagree, and be mistaken, yet still honest. (Not saying Hansen is, merely granting him the benefit of the doubt he denies the deniers.) Politicians, on the other hand -- such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), U.N. body -- are due no such consideration. One must assume from the outset that they are lying. And, when they are proven to be, well... We have a cure for that, here in the States. Elsewhere, folk are trapped.

The reports of the IPCC, on which most or all of the warmistas' claims to authority on the subject of global warming, have been demonstrated time and again to have been cooked up according to a mendacious political agenda. The article explains, but the essence is that a mere fraction of the scientists involved in the generation of the reports have actually even commented, and not all of them approve or agree with the "executive summary," which is all that politicians and MSM reporters ever read.

This is not science. It is not consensus. It is agenda-driven "truth" (as in Pravda -- the "official" truth)."

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