Senator B. Hussein Flip-Flop

IHT - Senator Barack Obama said Thursday that he might "refine" his plans for a phased withdrawal from Iraq after meeting with military commanders there later this summer. But later, he hastily held a second news conference: to emphasize his commitment to withdrawing all combat troops from Iraq within 16 months of taking office.

His two statements, made just hours apart in Fargo, North Dakota, reflected how the changing dynamics on the ground in Iraq have posed a challenge to Obama, as he tried to retain flexibility as violence declines there without abandoning one of the central promises of his campaign: that if elected he would end the war there.
Er, apart from the troops, you know the folks you'll be Commander in Chief of, there are mad leftists and their terrorist allies who would really like a solid position on this B. Hussein. Obviously they have respectively bet the commune and 72 virgins on your high tailing it out of Iraq, so you really shouldn't keep them in limbo, makes you look weak and confused, sort of like a leftist flip-flopper. So what's it going to be B. Hussein, you staying and finishing the job no matter what it takes or are you going to pretend to want to succeed but do everything you can to screw the troops over, once again cos I know you forgot, those are the folks you want to be Commander in Chief of.

On a side note, if you want to see media bias, see the headline for this story at IHT, 'Obama strives to retain some flexibility on his Iraq policy'. Gee isn't that the nicest way of describing someone who can't make up their mind. Think the same courtesy would have been given to a Republican? Look, pigs flying by! Pestilence upon you lamestream media.

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