Global Warming - Time to pay the price

LiveNews - Professor Ross Garnaut's 600-page draft report on climate change, of which the make-up of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) is a major focus, was released today. Speaking at the report's launch in Canberra, Prof Garnaut said climate change was a "diabolical" policy problem. [snip] "Without early and strong action, some time before 2020 we will realise we have indelibly surrendered to forces that have moved beyond our control." [snip] "This is the result of economic activity in the countries including ourselves that are now rich," he said. "The rapid increase in concentrations that are expected over the next several decades and which makes action to avert dangerous climate change urgent is primarily the result of activities in the developing countries that are becoming rich."
I heard on the radio that he was an economist not a socialist, that sounds like he's a bit upset that all these countries have and are becoming rich. He does say that it 'is primarily the result of activities in the developing countries', which to me sounds like they should be doing more and that even if we do a lot, it won't really matter. Oh wait, my mistake, the usual leftist explanation is that we should set an example. Didn't we already set an example by signing Kyoto? So who has followed our example, after all what's the point of setting an example that no one will follow. Unless that wasn't really the point. Oh and he's not saying that by doing something, these spooky forces he mentions will remain or come back into our control.
The draft report also presents the early results of the review's economic modelling if no action is taken, Prof Garnaut said. "On the middle-of-the-road impacts as defined by the science, these impacts which we subjected to modelling cut 4.8 per cent GDP by the end of the century, over $400 billion dollars in today's purchasing power, $400 million dollars per annum over, 5.4 per cent from consumption and 7.8 per cent from real wages. "The modelling can cover only some of the benefits of climate change mitigation."
It's funny how these global warming alarmists can bang their desks and angrily list all the terrible things that will happen if we do nothing, yet they're always light on the benefits of doing something and the benchmarks that we can use to judge for ourselves if all this sacrificing-we-must-have is actually working. Will the hurricanes stop, will the sea levels drop, will it get colder, will it rain where we need it, fewer storms, no summers, will the icecaps grow, what? And what if we all give up cars, electricity and the flushing toilet and move to caves and it just gets hotter anyway, can we get our money back and scrap Kyoto, can we beat Al Gore?

Just on those impacts, I won't pretend to understand those fancy figures bandied about, billions here and millions there don't mean much to me, that's all just fancy figures the suits carry on about that'll never filter down to folks like me. Now that last bit, '7.8 per cent from real wages', now that's something that I can relate to. Let me get this straight, ignoring all this global warming hoopla that is being foisted upon us is set to cost me about 7.8% of my wages by the end of this century. Last I checked a century is 100 years and since I wasn't born last week, I'll be around 130 by the time the full effects of doing nothing will be hitting me.

I wonder if any of those 600 pages will contain a section on how much each of us will have to pay, as a percentage of our income to save ourselves this 7.8%, I'm thinking, no. Needless to say, those of us who will be happy to bear the supposed 7.8% in wage loss over the next 90 years won't be allowed to take that option, just like with all leftie schemes, everyone will be forced to go along with their junk science, whether they believe in it or not. Perhaps when we're paying an arm and a leg for fuel, food and electricity, enough of us will wake up to this junk science. On a side note, if I get to a 110 and I still have to work, somebody, please put a bullet in my head.

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