Amongst Commies and Islamists, Sam needs all the allies he can get

Asia News - Last night, U.S. President George W. Bush telephoned Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh, to discuss implementing the agreement on nuclear energy for civilian purposes. The agreement has met with strong opposition in India, where it caused a crisis with the withdrawal of the communists from the government, forcing the prime minister to call for a confidence vote in parliament, which he won on July 22, amid difficulties and controversy. Now both sides want to move forward quickly: Bush must implement the agreement before his mandate ends in November, while in India there has been no letup in the opposition to nuclear energy, which Singh believes is necessary in order to obtain enough electricity for development in the country.
I have it on good authority that the Indian PM won the confidence vote comfortably, the way they make it out to be is like he won it by one vote or something. Oh and the Communist scum aren't as popular as people are led to believe. And yes, it was the communists agitating mainly, some good old America & human hatred going on there is all, the usual really. The main reason India was pushing this through is because of B. Hussein Obama, as most of us already know leftists in general have this phobia of anything nuclear. India was most worried about Obama who doesn't seem all that thrilled at the prospect, that's why they were so desperate to push this through before the coming elections in America.

What this basically would do is open India's civilian nuclear brickabrack up for the world to see, which is a good thing. You'd think that lefties would support this, but this would also mean India could progress further down the nuclear road and improve the supply of electricity to the people, which I believe helps to boost the quality of life, perhaps this is what grates the most with the left. Apparently this is being watched closely by Pakistan and China, which I think is a good thing. After all it's always good for Sam to have an ally in a region dominated by Islamic savages and Communists. Before you think that this might just antagonize the Communists, it would seem they're doing a bit of agitation of their own.
Asia News - Chinese incursions along the 4,057-km-long Sino-Indian border have increased in 2008. New Delhi has responded by re-building an airfield at 4,960 metres (16,200 feet) close to the border. The control of that part of Tibet under Indian rule but claimed by mainland China is at stake. [snip] In mid-June both sides said that their territorial dispute was resolved but in the first six months of the year China has carried out over 65 incursions into the Indian state of Sikkim. Sikkim itself is not at stake but many believe that China is putting pressure on India here in order to get Arunachal Pradesh, especially Tawang. Nestled in the eastern Himalayas at an altitude of 3,400 meters, Tawang is a critical corridor between Lhasa and the Brahmaputra Valley. It would give China the means to control the entire area. [snip] It is home to the second most important Tibetan monastery after the Potala Palace in Lhasa, a virtual treasure trove of Tibetan Buddhist religion and culture compared to the cultural genocide currently underway in Tibet. The area is also fertile and rich in minerals.

Not to leave the Islamic savages out - Authorities scoured a western Indian city Sunday for those responsible for a series of bombings that killed at least 45 people, detaining 30 people as a little-known group claimed responsibility for the attack. It was the second series of blasts in India in two days. "In the name of Allah the Indian Mujahedeen strike again! Do whatever you can, within 5 minutes from now, feel the terror of Death!" said an e-mail from the group sent to several Indian television stations minutes before the blasts began.
You know how China and Russia allow Iran, North Korea etc to remain thorns in America's side, by selling them arms and technology and hobbling us at the UN Security Council as examples, so I think it's high time the favor is returned with interest where possible.

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