Robert Armellin - Justice at last! - THE lesbian mothers of IVF twin girls have lost a legal bid to sue their doctor for the cost of raising one of the toddlers. The women, whose names have been suppressed, sued prominent Canberra obstetrician Sydney Robert Armellin for more than $400,000 for implanting two embryos instead of the requested one. The ACT Supreme Court today ruled in favour of Dr Armellin, and ordered the couple pay his legal costs. [snip]
Excellent news this folks, I remember blogging angrily about it last year in September. It's unbelievable, these women wanted a baby, but ended up with two. So they decided to sue the fellow that helped them. If you're trying to have a child and you end up with twins or triplets, you don't turn around and try to return the extra one do you. Any decent person would see them as an additional blessing, not a burden or an opportunity to screw over the doctor and ruin his life and career. I put his name in the title to do my bit to spread the word to clear his name. I don't know him, but I don't think he and doctors like him deserve to have this sort of thing hanging over their heads for almost a year. Even if the case has been dismissed, with things like this, he'll have to carry a bit of this always and that is not fair.
The couple, whose combined income is more than $100,000, sought $398,000 from Dr Armellin to cover the costs of raising one of the girls, including fees for a private Steiner school in Melbourne. The court was told the twins' birth mother had lost her capacity to love and the couple's relationship suffered as they became mired in everyday tasks associated with raising two children. [snip]
Yeah so people who have two or more children at the same time lose their capacity to love and can't maintain a relationship, what an absolute crock of excrement!
The mothers issued a statement during the civil proceedings arguing the case had nothing to do with their feelings towards their daughters, but with Dr Armellin's failure to comply with their wishes. "This has never been a case about whether our children are loved," they said. "They are cherished."
Yeah, pig's bum, what happened to [*cue violins*], "twins' birth mother had lost her capacity to love"? They saw dollar signs, pure and simple, that's what I think.
The couple's solicitor Thena Kyprianou said her clients, who live in Melbourne, were shocked by the decision. "They're disappointed," Ms Kyprianou said. [snip] Ms Kyprianou said the publicity surrounding the case had destroyed her clients' privacy.
More like, shocked that the court and ordinary people aren't buying your crock of excrement. Perhaps they thought that since they're lesbians they'd be treated like some sort of super citizen. Well, they should be ashamed of themselves once they're done with the 'shock'. And what's this whining about privacy, you should have thought of that before you went after the money dear. What about the privacy of this good doctor, what about his reputation, his career, both of which you two were happy to ruin & smear. Well, you wanted to play with fire, time to suck it up and pay the doctors legal costs. Perhaps he should consider suing them for his time that they wasted and the loss of revenue that he suffered because he was too busy defending himself for almost a year, I think it's only fair.

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