We're getting screwed by pedophiles, perverts, politicians and the law

Daily Telegraph - In 1989, Ferguson was sentenced to 14 years in jail for kidnapping three NSW children and sexually assaulting them in a Brisbane motel for three days. He was later charged with indecently assaulting two girls, aged four and five, in 2005.

Daily Telegraph - CHILD-sex predator Dennis Ferguson will have cost Queensland taxpayers at least $250,000 by the time he appears in court again later this month. The huge bill includes around-the-clock surveillance from dozens of police officers, as well as $1000 a day for a Christian group to provide post-prison support. In contrast, jail would cost only $170 a day. The money could be spent to employ five police constables for a year. [snip] During the day, at least five officers stand guard, with patrols increased to 30 at night – including 10 plainclothes officers.
In our post-modern utopia of Australia, we've deemed that no law-abiding citizen shall carry a weapon of any sort to protect ourselves if some criminal who doesn't seem to have much of an issue obtaining any weapons decides to infringe upon our liberty. Apparently the state will protect us from all the baddies. Putting the stupidity of this aside, the above should worry every one of us because those 30 police officers who are protecting this sack of filth can't come to your aid if you're getting your face rearranged or worse by a criminal. The politicians blame the judiciary and vice versa for letting this creep out and putting us and our children in jeopardy.

Legally neither can do anything right now, there is a lot of chest-beating and false concern from the politicians, I heard on the news that our state Premier Iemma is going to look at stopping this creep from coming to our state. Ultimately he and the judiciary won't do a damn thing and the way I see it, neither actually wants to anything about it. Both are meant to serve us, but whichever way you look at it, both stopped giving a rats ass about us a long time ago. If they did, they would either change the laws so that convicted pedophiles are jailed for life or executed or allow us to bear arms to defend ourselves since they obviously cannot. You watch, they'll do neither.

It's a bit like the Arty-Farty perverts who were carping on about how taking pictures of naked 6 year-olds and putting it on the cover of a magazine is Art and perfectly acceptable because they deemed it so a few weeks ago. They were happy to take our money but told us all to go to hell when the majority of us were against it. PM Rudd and State Premier Iemma [both lefties, shock-horror] were beating their respective chests, slamming the magazine and threatening to pull the taxpayer funds that were used to fund them, on and on it went, but so far nothing's actually happened. The drive-by media have forgotten and these useless politicians are now expelling gaseous platitudes on the next big thing.

When the pope came to Sydney we saw PM Rudd and Premier Iemma waffling around pretending like they were devout Catholics, pious Christians and all that. It's just bull folks, they're all indifferent, lying elitists, if you want to take pictures of your own children at some public function there will be some nannying fascist from some authority to stop you but no one has the balls to stop "artists" or to deny them our money. So you and I will go to work and our money will be used to fund Arty perverts and to protect child-raping pedophiles for the rest of their worthless lives. Remember this the next time you hear one of these parasites telling us about how much they care, how outraged they are and what they are going to do.

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