Better Get That Flat Screen HD Television While You Can

You stupid humans just can’t stop destroying the planet. First it was CO2 now it’s NF3 (Nitrogen triflouride) that is killing the planet and causing global warming. This is the gas that is used in the new HDTVs and “is estimated to be 17,000 times as powerful as carbon dioxide” in producing greenhouse gasses. It’s produce in small amounts, 4,000 tons a year, but it was missed in the Kyoto protocol. So, naturally some professor at the University of California want’s to make a name for himself by claiming this will cause global warming.

"We don't know what's emitted, but what they're producing every year dwarfs these giant coal-fired power plants that are like the biggest in the world," he said. "And it dwarfs two of the Kyoto gases. So the real question we don't know is how much is escaping and getting out."


Translation: We don’t know what’s emitted, but we need get some funding and put it in the Kyoto treaty and start a crusade against it or we might have global warming someday if it turns out to be a problem; and if it doesn’t we’ll claim it is anyway because it could be a problem if wasn’t not a problem in the first place. But the first thing is to get some tax payer money so we can study it (we won't get any money if we claim watching TV hurts your eyes) and then we can ban LCDs.

Meanwhile global warming is still causing problems by not showing up. The Charlotte Observer is reporting record breaking low temperatures. Source

It's a good thing Global warming is a settle issue otherwise we might start to doubt these people. Anyway, you better buy that new LCD now and hope they don’t make you register it in the future.

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