Watch out Australia - The war on carbon will cost you

Daily Mail - The Treasury was forced to admit this morning that almost half of all car owners will be up to £245 worse off under plans for massive increases in road tax. And fewer than one in five will benefit from the controversial move, which was sold as a way to cut greenhouse gas emissions. At Commons question time Shadow chancellor George Osborne challenged the Prime Minster over his claims the 'majority' of drivers would be better off. [snip] 'He said that the majority of drivers would benefit from the changes to VED. 'Now even the Treasury have admitted that just a third of drivers will be better off in 2009, dropping to less than 20 per cent in 2010.'
It's going to happen over in Britain and you just elected a leader who just told you that you will have to share the pain of his war on carbon. He just went over to Japan to waffle about how the planet is going to burn. India and China effectively told him to get bent so what we do won't really matter, but that won't stop him, it's full steam ahead with the war on carbon and it'll be your soon-to-be-sorry ass that'll be paying higher prices for electricity, petrol, groceries, cars and just about everything else businesses will be hit with and are going pass on to you. Choose wisely America, the politicians are only telling you about how terrible life is going to be, but they'll only outline the costs to YOU once the election is over.

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