The Science Is In

By AR - Somewhere along the way Global Warming morphed into Climate Change. The reasons for this are obvious - Global Warming is too specific. We can measure if it is getting hotter and thereby tell if Global Warming exists. To maintain the rage, zealots gradually shifted to Climate Change. This was a boon for true-believer scientists who can now claim their statistics prove we're too hot, we're too cold, we're too in the middle.

Similarly the Greenhouse Effect measured in parts per million, has changed to Greenhouse gases, to Greenhouse emissions, to carbon dioxide emissions, to carbon pollution. And just to confirm it's bullshit, the greatest exponent of jargon the world has ever seen, Kevin07 frontman, Kevin Rudd, has now adopted carbon pollution.
Mr Rudd also revealed a new name for the Emissions Trading Scheme - it's now called the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
It is really quite funny how the same loons who screech, "The science is in!" at any hint of someone questioning their religion, are now calling carbon dioxide, carbon. But it's not all bad. When my missus starts hinting at that diamond ring I apparently promised her, I now say, "Carbon is pollution, baby"...

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