Carbon emissions definitely do not cause global warming

LiveNews [With Audio] - A former senior advisor to the Federal Government claims the Prime Minister has got it wrong on climate change. Dr David Evans has said the decision makers and the public are unaware of the evolving research, and are still stuck in the science of 1995. He says the government is misleading the public on climate change, giving false facts on global warming. Dr Evans has told 2GB’s Jason Morrison they're basing all their climate change policies on data that's years out of date. “Since 1990 western governments have spent about $50 billion in research and associated sort of stuff, looking for the causes of climate change, looking for any evidence. “The only thing we ever found was the old ice core data but that has been reversed by the new ice course. What we found instead was the evidence that carbon emissions definitely do not cause the current global warming.” Dr Evans has slammed Penny Wong, saying her argument that the hottest years on record all occurred in the last 13 years, is incorrect. He also questioned her lack of evidence to prove carbon emissions cause climate change. Read his full article at The Australian.
The data that climate change policies are based on might be out of date, but the policy of hindering humanity and dragging us backwards by Socialists and leftists of all variations has been around for decades. You watch, no matter how much evidence is produced showing we have little or no impact on the worlds climate, no matter that China and India don't give a damn about pollution, leftists will still insist that we in the first-world must pay through the nose for it. Even if it gets cold to bloody freezing, they won't care, you humans are the problem and you must pay no matter what. None the less, enough of us seem to be more than happy to swallow the junk science.
SMH - While 77 per cent of Australians are behind Kevin Rudd's drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 60 per cent have little or no understanding of how an emissions trading scheme would work, according to the latest Nielsen poll published in Fairfax newspapers on Monday. Sixty-eight per cent of people said they were prepared to pay more for goods and services if costs increased as a result of the scheme, Fairfax News reported.
If you look at the Australian government's own website funded by us to push this hoopla, you'll see lots of doomsday scenarios that 'might, may, possibly, potentially, likely to occur' if we do nothing. However you can search high and low, but there isn't anything concrete about what will happen when we cough up to reduce our carbon emissions. They won't say it'll rain more, become colder, be less drought in Australia or anything. Yet 68% of us are happy to go along with it and actually pay for it, not to mention the other 100% of us who are forced to pay for all the parasites making up this Department of Climate Change. It's like going down to the local car dealer and paying for a new car when the dealer tells you beforehand that he can't actually give you a car. What's worse, you can't opt out of the farce if you see it for what it is, you have to pay as well.

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