Dudd 08 - Open borders & Gaseous platitudes

The Australian - Immigration Minister Chris Evans will outline significant reforms to the system of mandatory detention today, extending the Labor Government's original pledge to remove all children from detention. Senator Evans is expected to announce the immigration policy changes during an address - New Directions in Detention: Restoring Integrity to Australia's Immigration System - at the Australian National University this morning. [snip] Senator Evans said today that under Labor's new policy detention, Immigration Detention Centres will only be used as a last resort and for the shortest practicable time. "A person who poses no danger to the community will be able to remain in the community while their visa status is resolved," Senator Evans said. "The department will have to justify why a person should be detained. Once in detention a detainee's case will be reviewed every three months to ensure that the further detention of the individual is justified. "Children will not be detained in an immigration detention centre." [snip] "Unauthorised boat arrivals at excised places will continue to be processed on Christmas Island but will now have access to legal assistance and an independent review of unfavourable decisions.”
What that really means is that if you sneak in here with your children, the wet-lettuce authorities won't detain your children and therefore how can you separate the parents from the children, breaking up families, genocide you heartless bastards! So I guess the whole family will be released into the community, naturally after promising to stay where they're supposed to stay. I don't know how Minister Evans will ensure these people won't just run and disappear once released into the community and I don't think he particularly cares. So the message to all really is, come to Australia by boat or some other means and just bring your kids, you won't be detained, we'll look after you. In the unlikely event that you're refused a visa to stay here, don't worry we'll arrange for you to appeal the decision repeatedly until you get what you want. All paid for by the suckers who came here legally and citizens going to work and back everyday. Let's see how all this is going to work out in the future, take the example of Britain, where they don't have mandatory detention and Labour/leftists are in charge.
Guardian [2005] - The UK is home to around 430,000 illegal immigrants, and possibly up to 570,000, according to a new government estimate published today. The Home Office issued figures estimating the size of the unauthorised migrant population for the first time, putting the figure at between 310,000 and 570,000. The figure does not include asylum seekers whose applications are being processed, or who are appealing against a refusal - a group put at between 716,000 and 772,000. [snip] The shadow home secretary, David Davis, called it a "shocking indictment of the total shambles that is Labour's immigration and asylum policy".

UK Immigration [2006] - Five illegal immigrants have been arrested after turning up for work to clean a British Home Office building. They were working for a firm contracted by the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate's (IND) Becket House, in central London. [snip] Earlier this month, a director at the IND caused a row after saying he did not have the "faintest idea" how many illegal immigrants were in the UK. Britains Home Secretary John Reid, who has come under fire after also admitting he had no idea of how many illegal immigrants were in the UK, said the Home Office would not use the firm until it had better vetting procedures in place.

Metro [2007] - More than 6,600 illegal immigrants were given licences to work in the security industry in the recent scandal, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith revealed today. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) handed permits to a further 4,400 people who immigration officials now believe may not have the right to work in Britain, she told MPs. It makes a total of 11,100 who should not have slipped through the net and won their SIA licences.

Daily Express [2008] - POLICE admitted today that they are struggling to cope with an 800 per cent rise in crimes committed by Romanians. Police chiefs say the unprecedented rise in offences has left British forces swamped. [snip] A Daily Express investigation this week also revealed that a foreign national is arrested every four minutes on Britain’s streets.
Moving on from this to more bungling from the Dudd government, back during the election campaign PM Dudd was beating his frail chest promising that even though the Howard government was out of touch with petrol prices and everything else, he wasn't. We heard a lot of gaseous platitudes from PM Dudd about his Petrol commissioner, he was dubbed 'a cop on the beat' at the time. Let's have a look at what our federal treasurer said in early 2008, from his own website at the time.
We take cost of living pressures very seriously. That's why we've given the ACCC the power to supervise and monitor what's happening with petrol prices. That's why we're putting in place a petrol cop on the beat in the ACCC and if there has been untoward activity from petrol companies in recent days the ACCC will get to the bottom of it and throw the book at those responsible.
The way it was made out, this powerful petrol commissioner was going to beat the tripe out of the oil companies at the mere indication of profiteering or ripping us folks off, oh alright the exact words were that he would be throwing some sort of book at them. Anyway let's have a look at the fine work this petrol cop on the beat has been doing on our behalf, after all it's us who are paying for this paper-pusher.
Herald Sun - Prof Frank Zumbo, a specialist in competition policy, claimed yesterday ACCC Commissioner Pat Walker was "starting to sound like an apologist for the oil companies" after he defended delays in passing on cheaper prices. Mr Walker has no power to force oil companies to drop their prices in line with the Singapore benchmark and can only use public naming and shaming. The Singapore benchmark oil price fell by more than $20 a barrel this week, which is roughly equivalent to 20c a litre, Prof Zumbo said. When the Singapore benchmark price went up the price at the bowser went up immediately, but when the price came down there was a time lag, he said. "It is a notional number that we're pegged against so there can be no reason for the delay," the University of NSW business law professor said.
So in summary, this cop on the beat turns out to be an expensive waste of space, if we just fired this fellow, we'd actually be ahead because we wouldn't have to pay him. Heck if you put a monkey in his office and fed him bananas, it would still be cheaper and we'd have the same result that we're having now. But then PM Dudd wouldn't be able to pretend that he was doing something now would he. Just like the alcopops tax that was supposed to curb binge-drinking but ended up increasing alcohol consumption, most things with the Dudd government are about looking like they're doing something, while they're just chewing through our money and producing rubbish. And if you think this is bad enough folks, wait till the global warming emissions trading scheme kicks into gear and does absolutely nothing apart from gouge your wallet.

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