Obama finally gets something right

Reuters - The Miami woman's story illustrates a debate about whether black American parents take enough responsibility for raising their children that has spilled into the U.S. presidential campaign through comments by civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and Democratic candidate Barack Obama. It also sheds light on how complex factors including home foreclosures, lack of health insurance and high incarceration rates combine to put pressure on many inner-city families.
Hold on just a minute there Reuters, do you see the way they throw in the 'high incarceration rates' are putting pressure on families, it's like some sort of weather phenomenon putting pressure on a farmers ability to grow corn or illness or something. What nonsense! Last I checked, unless you're living in some sort of communist utopia you don't just get yanked off the street and 'incarcerated' for a few years. You have to commit some sort of crime that then incurs a punishment involving incarceration. Also contrary to leftist belief you actually have control over whether you commit the crime in the first place. You don't accidentally steal a car, rob a bank or rape someone. So you really are to blame if you end up incarcerated. Anyway back to Obama.
"No matter how many 10-point plans we propose or how many government programs we launch, none of it will make any difference if we don't seize more responsibility in our own lives," Obama, whose Kenyan father played little role in his life, said in a speech.
It's what we Conservatives have been banging on and on about for a while now. If blacks in America want to get out of poverty and keep their children out of it as well then the first step is to stop blaming everyone else. Foreclosures, health insurance, crime, the full moon, the wind at the north pole and the desert heat affects everyone all over the world. There are Asians, Africans, South Americans and all sorts of other people across this planet who've never heard of welfare, healthcare or in some cases education, some have never even owned a car or what we'd call a home, but they've made it in this world. People of all colors have to struggle, including blacks and they still make it.

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