See what gun & knife control gets you

Daily Mail [Exclusive] - More than 350 people are the victim of knife assaults every day in England and Wales, the latest crime figures have revealed. [snip] Almost 130,000 attacks involved knives last year - equivalent to one every four minutes - according to the annual British Crime Survey. This figure does not include the tens of thousands of assaults against under-16s. However, unlike the police records published yesterday, it does include crimes which are not reported to the authorities. The police data revealed 22,000 serious knife assaults - including 231 attempted murders - were reported to the police last year. There were also almost 14,000 reported robberies and more than 8,000 woundings. [snip] The British Crime Survey figure of 130,000 knife attacks is substantially higher than the police's figure.

This is thought to be because many victims never report being threatened with a knife - and even assaults needing hospital treatment go unrecorded. [snip] Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve pointed out that the police figures showed violent crime up nearly 80 per cent since Labour came to power. The BCS trends were more positive. [snip] 'Our porous borders have allowed too many weapons and quantities of hard drugs to simply flow into our country, fuelling violent crime. 'Labour have also failed to address family breakdown which does so much to set young people on to a path of crime.' Firearms offences recorded by police rose 2 per cent last year to reach a total of 9,803, while murders were up 3 per cent to 784.

MK - Naturally, the ministers running the place, socialists, lefties and other assorted gun-grabbing nutjobs still insist there is no problem, it's all stable, nothing to worry about, you're much safer defenseless and on your knees, nothing to see, move along.

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