The Australian - COMMUNIST officials have outraged the International Olympic Committee and the world's media by barring unfettered access to the internet - reneging on a key pre-Games promise to open China's doors to the world. Having already restricted access to Tiananmen Square during the Games, which begin in eight days, China yesterday brazenly defied the IOC and admitted it would censor the internet. International media were yesterday unable to access websites connected to the Falun Gong, Amnesty International or the Tiananmen Square massacre.

IHT - The official came for Yu Tingyun in his village one evening last week. While clutching a contract and a pen, he asked Yu to get into his car. Yu's daughter had died in a cascade of concrete and bricks, one of at least 240 students at a high school in Hanwang who lost their lives in the May 12 earthquake. He became a leader of grieving parents demanding to know if that school, like so many others, had crumbled because of poor construction. The contract had been thrust in Yu's face during a long interrogation by the police the previous day. In exchange for his silence, and for acknowledging that the ruling Communist Party had "mobilized society to help us," he would get a cash payment and a pension.

Japan thanks to America and Capitalism

FOX News - Officials say an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 struck off the northern Japanese coast, injuring nearly 100 people. The quake also triggered landslides and caused a blackout at more than 8,000 homes. The Meteorological Agency says there was no danger of a tsunami, or seismic waves, from the 12:26 a.m. Thursday (11:26 a.m. Wednesday EDT) quake, which occurred at a depth of about 65 miles near the coast of Iwate, 280 miles northeast of Tokyo. Japan is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries. "We must grasp the extent of damage as quickly as possible so that we can immediately take necessary steps," Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda told reporters.

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