Scores Exposed

By AR - Stripper Ruth Fowler, has a degree from Cambridge and a new career as a writer. Indeed she has written a book about her experiences as a stripper in New York including working at Scores, the striptease joint famously visited by Kevin Rudd one boozy night.

In this article Fowler wrote for the New York Post, (coincidentally the paper edited by Col Allen who took Rudd on his night of debauchery) she opens a small window into the goings-on at Scores strip club. And what a dingy, dirty little window it is.
The high fees the girls had to pay the house to dance - up to $150 depending on the night - and too many girls working the busy shifts from Thursday to Saturday meant the strippers were anxious, ruthless and nervy, constantly on the move to try and make enough money. One girl threatened to kick my head in when I sat next to a guy while she was onstage - clients were jealously guarded. Some made extra by selling coke, ecstasy or weed to customers. One British girl would make a huge show of how illegal it was to provide coke to guys who requested it. She'd go on for at least an hour before giving her drug dealer a call and taking a cut of the vastly inflated profits. She'd wink at me and say, "S- - - goes on here," and then waft away to slide onto a guy's lap.
Drug dealing wasn't the only shady thing that went on there.
To make good money, you had to get in with the managers, who would push you onto private Champagne Room customers. To get in with the managers, they needed to know that you could be trusted to keep quiet if they arranged for you to have sex with a guy, or provide "services."
Nothing much there you wouldn't see in an average pub, eh?
Like many of its customers, Scores woke up the next morning, broke, hung over, with everything looking a lot less pretty.
One might definitely feel "a bit of a goose," after a night at that establishment.

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