UK Police admit - Knife control doesn't work

Times Online - Knife crime has overtaken terrorism as the No 1 priority for the Metropolitan Police, one of Britain’s most senior officers said yesterday. Deputy Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson announced the form-ation of a special knife-crime unit to address the recent spate of fatal stabbings in London as he admitted that moves to stop teenagers carrying weapons were not working. [snip] In an attempt to stem the growing number of young deaths, senior police in the capital have been told to divert officers from other tasks to focus on tackling knife crime. Police have tried several approaches to reach out to youngsters involved in knife crime: persuasion, coercion and even shock tactics. In May, Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, announced a £5 million package to tackle violent crime, with action to crack down on knives in hotspots across Britain. Every initiative has failed to stop the stabbings in the capital.
I was listening to talkback radio the other night and they had this host who's a bit on the "far side". He's got some weird ideas, anyway he told us if we don't listen to anything he says, just take this away, never depend on those who do not care about you. That is weapons control, you're giving up your weapons and depending on the state that doesn't really care about you. Sure, if a bunch of you get killed and you whine enough and since they need your vote every couple of years, they might do something.

They can saturate your area with cops and task forces and kick some heads in, fewer people will get stabbed and it'll cost you a lot of money. But what will happen when they go and believe me they will go, you'll be right back at square one, depending on people who don't really care about you. The state that says it can protect you from all crime is lying to you and does not care about you. The state that truly cares about you will tell you the truth and it will not hinder you in doing what you need to do to protect yourself.

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