Mostly black youth responsible for knife crime in London

Daily Mail - Black youths are suspected of more than half of knife crime among children in the capital, according to confidential Scotland Yard figures. A highly-sensitive report reveals that 124 of the 225 under-18s legally 'proceeded against' for knife offences in the past three months are from the black community. Yet in the overwhelming majority of reported cases of knife crime involving young people, the victims are white. In cases where ethnicity was logged by police, 222 of the 345 under-18s attacked or threatened with a blade since April 1 were white. Sixty-one were black. [snip] They will reopen the debate on whether more robust stop and search tactics are needed to end the culture of knife carrying by youngsters. [snip] According to official figures, approximately one in eight of the London population is black.
If that had been the other way round, as in blacks were the victims of white attackers, you'd have the PM of Britain wagging all his fingers at the white population. It'd be classed as hate crimes, racism, bigotry, genocide etc. The PC brigade would have sore throats from screaming in the streets against the hatred and racism. 'Shame whitey shame', 'bastard whitey' would have been the chants. But because it isn't, because it's whites who are the victim and blacks who are the main offenders, not a peep, the professional protesters and usual grievance mongers are too busy, fully booked out sorry, it's suddenly a highly-sensitive report. And heaven help you if you even dared to suggest that the current stop and search tactics be "modified" so that more black youth are targetted because you know, it's mostly them performing the free surgerys on London's streets. No, no, can't have that, accept reality for what it is, no way!

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