Art Monthly Australia to the taxpayer - F@#$ YOU Australia! - A TAXPAYER-funded magazine has put a naked six-year-old girl on the cover in protest at the "hysteria" over similar images by photographer Bill Henson. The July edition of Art Monthly Australia also includes several provocative photos of children posing naked in adult jewellery as well as naked teenage girls. In the editorial, Maurice O'Riordan said he chose the 2003 picture of the young girl in the "hope of restoring some dignity to the debate" and to "validate nudity and childhood as subjects for art". The image, taken by Melbourne-based Polixeni Papapetrou, is believed to be her own daughter.

Mr O'Riordan, who does not have children of his own, told The Sunday Telegraph he did not care if it stirred community complaint. [snip] Art Monthly Australia receives more than $50,000 in funding from the Federal Government's Council for the Arts and lists the New South Wales Ministry for the Arts under sponsors and partner. The State Government has issued grants to the magazine in previous years. NSW Premier Morris Iemma immediately threatened towithdraw future funding after he was contacted about the images yesterday. [snip] More than 5000 copies of the magazine have been distributed across Australia. The magazine also includes images by Bill Henson.
For once that waste-of-space Iemma is right, however like in so many other areas, he exhibits a total absence of balls. Why threaten to withdraw funding Morris, just take it away Morris. As a taxpayer myself who works, the message I'm getting from this POS is - EFF YOU, I'll print whatever the heck I want to and you stupid savages can go to hell. Well, that's fine you arrogant parasite, but not on my effing taxes, I don't know about you lot, but I'm not going to work every day busting my ass so some arrogant artsy SOB can tell me to EFF OFF and he'll print pictures of naked 6 year-olds using our money. Something we charge people for possessing and send to jail for. Print it on your own money you arrogant, shameless asshole.

While we're at it, where the hell is Kevin Rudd, he was busy telling us yesterday that we all need to accept the financial pain of fighting climate change, how about this asshole feeling the pain of not getting any of our taxpayer funds. The rest of us, you know working families, have to pay an arm and a leg for petrol and just about everything else and this smug bastard takes our money and tells us to get stuffed! You are our PM, cut the federal funding, put this Monthly Art Wanker at the top of the budget razor-gang list. I would have thought that the taxpayers of this country would have a serious problem with publications of naked children, so why the hell do we have to fund such filth. If the arts community see no problem with this, then those slimeballs can pass the hat around.

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