Yeah Howard, like totally sucks

Brisbane-born singer Hayes married Briton Richard Cullen in London last year. "It makes me angry and frustrated," the former Savage Garden frontman said. "I'm Australian and the way the law sits I can't bring my partner home as my partner. "That to me is an infringement of my civil rights – a very un-Australian thing. "I would never have voted for John Howard and I encourage people not to. "I don't think he speaks for this country in the same way I don't think George Bush speaks for the US." Hayes also said he plans to be a father in the future. "Every day the adoption laws seem to be changed or manipulated to block that dream, but obviously I'd adopt and it won't happen for a while but it's totally going to happen." Source.

MK - Well I don't think you speak for all Australians either Mr. Hayes and I don't think it's "un-Australian" that you can't bring your man home as your husband/wife.

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