Why we should love America

I happened to stumble upon the above headline at the News.com.au frontpage. I mistakenly thought the article was an attempt to try and talk some sense into the America-hating, lemon-sucking noisy leftists among us. To cut a long story short, it's ok to dislike the Bush administration, but please don't hate the folks in America, New Yorkers in particular.
America doesn't deserve to be hated, and its people are victims of circumstance. It is a narrow viewpoint that borders on racism and denies the humanity of those who live and work here. It is always a mistake to judge a country by its political leadership, but I think too many of us have done just that with America.
Hardboiled depictions of New York have been replaced in the popular imagination by the pop culture of Sex and the City or Seinfeld. New Yorkers today are more likely to sit reading Proust and eating cream cheese and pesto bagels in cafes than worrying about being mugged. The influx of ethnic minorities, artists, gays and bohemians has clearly played a role in rescuing New York from its dark side. Source.
This was the other message I got from the article, so listen up you Conservative, hang-em-high, gun-crazy morons, if you have a crime problem in your city or where ever, don't worry about arming yourselves and whining at your politicians to do something. Forget asking your judges for a boot-to-ass approach to punishment, it's quite simple if you could just take a minute from cleaning your guns. Just import a couple of homosexuals, artists, ethnics and whatever the hell bohemians are and hey presto, you'll be tucking into tofu burgers, cream cheese bagels and soy chai lattes in no time. Before you know it, you'll have 'social justice' too!!

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