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The student performance piece Bad Knight II, conceived by Davidson High School [Sydney, Australia] teacher Kim Peade and featuring students as young as 12, is the sequel to the controversial Bad Night in Baghdad, which made headlines in 2004 for its overtly political theme. The five-part act opens with Mr Bush as the pilot of a plane about to crash, before going into a segment entitled I'll go anywhere to fight for oil to lubricate the red, white and blue. The third part features a group of women lamenting the deaths of their sons and husbands in Iraq. The fourth is entitled, Tell somebody, Repeal the Patriot Act and it closes with a performance to Pink's anti-Bush anthem, Dear Mr President.

It will be performed by 99 students in Years 7 to 11 from the northern suburbs school, with a 20-student stage crew. Mr Peade acknowledged the piece was "savage", but made no apologies for the performance, saying it posed important questions about a war in which 3500 Americans have died. "While it starts with a particularly savage piece of satire, we go into the concept of the affront upon the people of America. "This is what he has done. He's made the decision to go into this thing and look at the mess they're in," Mr Peade said. The Education Department defended the production, saying it was an extra-curricula activity and formed no part of the school's academic program. Source.
Lisa, a year 11 student involved in this year's production, said the political approach of the play came from one of the school's teachers and did not represent the views of all students."With Rock Eisteddfod you've got to take a view of something and this is just a view we've decided to take this year," she said. "We're all mature to take our own views on what we believe and what he (the teacher) believes isn't necessarily what I believe." "It's obviously a very one-sided piece - very anti-war and stuff like that - but with Rock Eisteddfod you can't really tell it from both angles, you've got to give one angle for it." Source.

MK - Yeah, it just so happened that we decided to give it the anti-Bush angle, just tossed a coin and the anti-Bush option came up that's all folks, the Bushies were really disappointed but they've like moved on you know. I heard someone from the State Education department (might have been the minister) on the radio just now, he came on because the school refused to speak about it, must be that one sided angle thing again. Well he weaseled around a bit, telling us, oh the school also did something about those that died on September 11, but had to really squirm when asked if that play was critical of those who did that, the Muslim terrorists that is, not the CIA-Mossad covert team.

Oh yeah folks rest assured, I’m sure that they were highly critical of Mo’s followers in that one. I got the impression he was happy for this to go ahead because it fit his own political persuasions, elections coming up so might as well give John Howard all the kicks you can, don’t worry about the kids. I wonder if, in 2008, Mr. Peade will be tapping into his creative side to put together a play featuring a group of Iraqi women lamenting the deaths of their sons and husbands 'and stuff like that' under the Saddam Hussein regime. My advice, don’t hold your breath; there’s only one side that coin’s allowed to fall on.

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