Karl Rove - He who laughs last...

From Geoff Elliott's Blog -
Rove is arguably the most polarising figure in US politics. He was characterised by his critics as some kind of evil genius. Genius yes; evil no. His intellectual heft is undisputed - he quotes century old election returns like a sportscaster. Much is written about Rove, but what’s lost in the caricatures and the drivel you read on the internet is that Rove is actually a highly entertaining and funny bloke (he loves Australians; calls them “Texans with accents"). I think much of the opprobrium thrown his way is in part surely due to the fact the Democrats wished he was on their side.

MK - I didn't know leftists always wanted Rove on their side, ooohhhh that's gotta hurt, oh well, too late now leftists, he thrashed you lot twice and now he's gone, sucks to be you.

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