Different Country, Same Vermin

Just the other day I was banging on about the ratbags that seem to think they have the right to trash our cities and do whatever the hell they want to here in Australia. Well, it looks like it's a common trend amongst the young over in New Zealand too.
Students have claimed heavy handed tactics by police exacerbated the riots in Dunedin over the weekend. Police were pelted with bottles, drunken students set fire to cars and mattresses, and 69 arrests were made between 7pm on Friday and 7am yesterday. Today a Dunedin police spokesman said the city had been quiet overnight. "I guess they're all sleeping it off," he said. The rioting was centred in the heart of the student area of North Dunedin and took place in the wake of the student Undie 500 car race from Christchurch to Dunedin. Mr Ross said police were at one of the flats talking to the occupants on Saturday night when they began to be pelted with bottles.

"It was totally unprovoked." It took police, with extra reinforcements from outlying areas, until about 11pm to bring the crowd under control. Mr Ross said police and fire crews were lucky to escape without any serious injury as students threw bottles and set cars alight, he said. "Some police have got some nasty grazes from flying bottles." Dunedin's mayor Peter Chin said he was devastated by the aftermath of the destruction he saw. Mr Chin said the council and university had made good progress over the years managing the event to ensure problems like last night were avoided. "All those measures haven't worked." Source.
Yeah I'll bet some of those measures were things like avoid confrontations, hold hands, sing kumbaya, get the shields up and just take a pelting until the vermin get tired and go home. Put the tissue box back Mayor, take some calcium tablets, have some fine Tennessee whiskey, and then call the coppers in. You tell em' the next time they hear of trouble, you head down there in numbers, get in their faces and when the young bucks start swinging their peckers and a few bottles and bricks come flying, you send some rubber bullets and a few of the bricks back at them. You and the bleeding hearts will be shocked at how quickly the young vermin can learn manners, maintain the peace and a whole lot of respect.

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