What a waste of space!!

LABOR has conceded that some workers want greater flexibility through an individual agreement and simplified the safety net for its proposed system of common law contracts. Australian Workplace Agreements will be phased out over five years with last possible expiry date of December 2012 and a limited contract with strict conditions will still operate for the next two years. The AWA phase out will be over five years with last possible expiry date of December 2012. The announcement today confirms that existing Australian Workplace Agreements will continue their full term but that Labor wants them to end. Source.

MK - There they were, the Unions and their Labor lackeys carping on about "tearing up" the IR laws. Some of the rabid leftwing lunatics were foaming at the mouth just thinking about it. They would all gather in some stadium somewhere, all the IR legislation would be brought out, Kevin Rudd would pour petrol all over it and Julia Gillard would arrive on the shoulders of union heavies to light the match and send that 'hated' Howards laws up in flames. There would be carbon offsets to placate the stupid Greens off course. Good grief, 5 years you leftie losers, read it an weep, 5 long years.

If it's any consolation to us Conservatives, if Kevin Rudd wins office, he'll be tossed out in 3 years, you know why? I'll tell you, when all the poor fools who voted for him in 2007 realise that he's not going to reduce rents, increase the price of the house you own and also lower the price of the house you want to buy at the same time, when they realise interest rates won't go down and unemployment will only go up, along with taxes and when they realise carbon neutral is expensive and Kevin Rudd isn't going to take over healthcare or reduce the waiting lists and boat people start returning to this 'racist and xenophobic' Australia, they'd be mad to give him another 3 years.

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