Lefties - Sucks to be you

The $600,000 water cannon, which can shoot a stream of water further than 50m, was unveiled by NSW Premier Morris Iemma in Sydney today. Mr Iemma warned it could be used in any violent protests during the APEC Summit, which will host 21 leaders from around the world in Sydney from September 2-9. Alex Bainbridge, spokesman for protest group Stop Bush Coalition, said the water cannon would not discourage the activists. The coalition plans to protest against the war in Iraq, global warming and workplace changes at Sydney's Town Hall during the APEC Leaders week on September 8.

It is also plans a smaller protest to mark US President George W. Bush's arrival in Sydney on September 4. "It's not a comforting thought to think that they might be going to prepare to use a water cannon against us," Mr Bainbridge said. "But it's even more worrying to think about the innocent people being killed in the war in Iraq, and the fate of humanity if global warming isn't held in check." Source.

MK - Thanks to regular at AWH, kman, we now know that this Alex Bainbridge is a commie. Sorry lefties, if the concrete walls won't stop your insolent whining, the water cannon will. How about a shoot-to-kill order Premier Iemma, just kidding, just use rubber bullets.

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