Guns, knives and dishonest headlines:

Front page headlines at
"TWO teens have been arrested after a boy, 11, was shot dead in the latest of a series of youth deaths that has put gun crime in Britain high on the political agenda."

Yet 30 seconds in Dogpile reveals:
"THE full extent of Britain’s violent crime epidemic, which yesterday claimed the life of another teenager, is revealed in shocking new figures that show the number of street robberies involving knives has more than doubled in two years.
"Hard facts - The murder of 14 year old Paul Erhahon on 6th April 2007 was reported as the 7th under 16 year old to be murdered in London in 2 months (and that's just London). During March, 30 year old Kevin Platt and at least two other youths were fatally stabbed in separate incidents in Manchester, whilst the string of reported deaths and stabbings have continued throughout April and into May. The most recently reported deaths (as @ 20th May 07), being the fatal stabbing in Sunderland of 22 year old Kevin Johnson and in a separate incident in Sunderland on the same night, the non fatal stabbing in the chest of another male."
It's not necessary for journalists and editors to actually lie--this is a bloody typical case of carefully placed emphasis and omission of vital information in order to to serve their agenda.

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