Nowhere to whine

The incoming New South Wales Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, says details about security fencing for the APEC summit in Sydney will be made public soon. Mr Scipione has refused to confirm rumours the barrier will be made of high reinforced concrete almost three metres high and will be used to cordon-off several blocks of central Sydney from Circular Quay. He says any measures being planned by authorities are necessary.

The New South Wales Greens says the proposed security barrier is excessive and undemocratic. The Greens MP, Lee Rhiannon, says no part of Sydney should be fenced off. "Australia has [a] fine history of peaceful protest. There have certainly often been quite radical protests, but they have been far in the main non violent." Source
A spokesman for the Stop Bush Coalition, Alex Bainbridge, says they want to protest peacefully. "We would like this protest to be the sort of thing people feel they can bring their children to, the sort of thing people feel like they're going to come to without fear they're going to be arrested, without fear they are going to be part of a street fight," he said. Source

MK - Yeah, wouldn't you like to get some children there, use them for a bit of a tug at the emotions, not to mention a golden opportunity for a bit of indoctrination ey. I think the authorities remember the fiasco in Melbourne a while back and they know from experience when some leftist group starts waxing lyrical about peace and democracy, their demonstration will be anything but that. Oh well, you brought this upon yourselves leftists, you carry on like a bunch of spoilt losers, well then you'll get treated as such. Meanwhile the leaders will meet in Sydney, they'll talk, conference and actually achieve something, your arch enemy George Bush will come and go and probably never even know you were whining about something, somewhere in Sydney. You might as well take your weed and your placards into the outback and do your thing there, otherwise all you'll get is an indifferent concrete barrier to rail against, sucks to be you.

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