An Iconic Act of Hypocrisy

The IR laws, that the lefties are pulling their hair out over, don't even apply to Nurses, but don't let that sort of technicality get in the way of a good old John Howard smear. Kevin Rudd and the Unions are always telling us how much they care about the workers. Listen to Kevin Rudd or one of the Unions and sooner or later, you'll hear the phrase 'working families', I've become convinced that when lefties weasel themselves into the corner of any group of people, chances are that group of people will get screwed. Unions and their Labor lackeys are always banging on about how you'll get fired for the flimsiest excuse; well have a look at how they treat their own members.
A POWERFUL nurses union has been called "total hypocrites" after one of its members was dumped from an anti-WorkChoices ad - because her child was sick. Sydney mother Maree Fletcher, who works in an aged care facility, said she feels totally let down by the NSW Nurses Association and is seeking a promised $1400 appearance fee. The single mother and her five-year-old daughter Jade-Claire were chosen to appear in a TV campaign urging voters to reject John Howard's workplace reforms. But on the day of filming - August 22 - Jade-Claire woke with chicken pox. The production crew, who had already assembled in Ms Fletcher's home, decided to defer the shoot.

Later that day, however, Ms Fletcher was told she was no longer needed. She now feels badly let down and says her workmates believe her plight undermines the union's campaign against the Government's reforms. Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey called it an "iconic act of hypocrisy" by the union. "It says everything about the union bosses. You have to look at what they do, not what they say," Mr Hockey said. "How ironic it is that on the day they launch a national campaign against laws that don't apply to them, these revelations about the treatment of one of their own is made known. "Will Kevin Rudd be rushing out to defend this nurse?" Source.
Incidentally Maree Fletcher is not the only acceptable casualty in Labor's war against John Howard, remember Joann Doolan and Kelly Hoare. Yeah, come on Mr. Rudd, show us how you've got the Unions under your thumb, or will Maree Fletcher just have to take one for the team? The hate-Howard train is gathering steam folks, get out of the way, it's on, nothing and no one will get in the way of this train, battler or not.

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