Why do we tolerate these losers!!

A GIANT banner saying "Cage Bush. Not Sydney" could be slung from the top of Town Hall, under a proposal to be voted on by the City of Sydney tonight. The Deputy Lord Mayor, Chris Harris, from the Greens, has called on councillors to support his motion calling for such a banner, to take a stand against crackdowns on protest at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum next month. "As a city councillor, I am appalled that we are allowing our government to gate off our city from the people who live, work and pay rates here," he said. "That we would spend $600,000 on a water cannon to be used against our citizens should they exercise their democratic right to demonstrate. Source.

MK - How about the right not to offend our guests, how about the right not to hear your incessant whining, how about the right not to have our city trashed, how about the right not to have our city represented by a bunch of unwashed welfare queen crackheads. Only in western society will such a bunch of loathesome, irritating oxygen thieves be allowed to prance around with impunity.

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  1. Ha Ha

    At least in part, the only response to your comments is

    pot kettle black


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