the thin end of the wedge:

The internet is like the wild west and needs a clean up, according to British MPs.

LONDON - internet companies, retailers and the government must do far more to protect people from the dangers of the "lawless Wild West" of cyberspace, an influential group of MPs say.
That'd be the same "influential MPs" who can't protect their constituents from thugs and burglars, who've created the most spied-upon society in history and who disarmed a whole population while they remain silent about the fact that Brits are leaving the mess they've created at the rate of 4000 a week!
Note, they say nothing about the people's voice in all this garbage--just retailers and internet companies. And them.
Right. And they have the nerve to describe cyberspace as the "lawless Wild West".
Not half as effing lawless as the society they've created. Not half as lawless, in fact as they are. Tony Blair's party created about 3000 new laws during his time as PM yet Britain today is a far more dangerous place than it ever was. And the government shows utter contempt for democracy.
First, it will be pornography. Next, "hate speech". Next, free speech.
The real danger isn't the internet, you filthy little totalitarian bastards.
It's YOU.

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