Arabic classes halted at kuffar/infidel US school

Nah, I'm just kiddin, don't get yer hopes up, them Liberals haven't grown a pair to do this sort of thing. They're just picking on them Jews, easy targets they are, just the way lefties like it.
A charter school has been ordered to temporarily suspend Hebrew classes while officials try to determine whether teachers are advocating the Jewish faith. Ben Gamla is in its first week of operation as the country's first Hebrew-language charter school, but school founder Peter Deutsch, a former Democratic congressman, said he told teachers Thursday to halt the classes. He said he shared Notter's aim to ensure religion doesn't enter a publicly funded school. It takes its name from a Jewish high priest, serves kosher food, and its director is a rabbi. Without Hebrew classes, though, Deutsch said its most central component is missing. "It is kind of crazy - the only Hebrew-English charter school in America doesn't teach Hebrew," he said. More from Source.
What about that public school in New York offering Arabic language & culture, oops my mistake, that one's about diversity and global citizens, so I'll just shut up then.

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