Lock the Ferals away

The Daily Telegraph reports APEC organisers are bracing for protests from a range of radical groups that are also recruiting high school students to take part. The revelations of the chaotic plans came as police yesterday issued a strong warning to parents that they could not guarantee the safety of children caught up in the protests. The groups to clog up Sydney for 11 days leading up to and during the summit include protest groups Resistance and the Socialist Alliance, secret security planning documents reveal. Also planning protests are the Maritime Union of Australia, Amnesty International, the Greens, Vietnamese and Chinese groups, and Critical Mass, with its monthly bike ride. On Saturday, September 8, at least 15,000 protesters are expected to clog the CBD.

The biggest protest, at 10am on that vday, is expected to be the 10,000-strong Stop Bush Stop Howard rally and march from Sydney Town Hall to Hyde Park North. The Stop Bush Coalition is also organising a stunt protest at Sydney Town Hall to coincide with the arrival of US President George W. Bush on September 4. Students from at least five Sydney high schools will also walk out of school in a student strike at 1pm on September 5 for a protest at Belmore Park. The route chosen by the protesters - from Sydney Town Hall down George St, into Martin Place and to Hyde Park - has yet to be approved by police. Premier Morris Iemma said the protesting "ferals" should not be using young students for their political ends. Source.

MK - Better get that wall ready folks, these are peace protestors, it's pretty much a gold plated guarantee that it'll turn violent, might want to think about getting a second water cannon too Premier. By the way if you have any spine Premier Iemma, you'll deny the protest, not only because of public safety, but also the fact that the rest of the world will see the pictures that Sydney can easily be over run by a bunch of vermin. Deny them the oxygen they crave, they are not the majority, they do no represent us, they are just a bunch of spoilt losers who will probably never experience real tyranny.

I heard one of these vermin or one of their supporters on the radio just now, apart from whining like a stuck pig about their right to protest and that denying them this would be tyranny, he had the audacity to declare that these bunch of stinking vermin are the guardians of our Democracy. Who ever that fellow was, stuff you asshole, you and your gang of filthy welfare queens are not the guardians of democracy, the real guardians of Democracy are the cop that puts his uniform on everyday and the soldier who protects our flag. Thanks to them, assholes like you will never experience real tyranny and oppression.

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