England is going mad

A recovering heroin addict walked out of an open prison to escape the culture of drug-taking among inmates. Shaun Melfah claimed he was so worried he might succumb to the temptation of freely available drugs that he decided to leave halfway through his sentence. Last year, a former inmate of Leyhill-said drug and alcohol abuse were rife. "It's like a holiday camp," he said. "The only thing it doesn't have is a swimming pool. "You can get any drugs. It's easier to get them inside than it is outside. I saw lads who didn't do drugs become addicted to heroin and all sorts while they were there. Source.
A Muslim juror accused of listening to an MP3 player under her headscarf during a murder trial will face no further action. Ruhela Khanom, 20, was serving on jury panel when she was accused of secretly listening to music during the trial of pensioner Alan Wicks, who was later jailed for life for bludgeoning his wife to death. But yesterday the Attorney General's office ruled that there was "insufficient" evidence to prove any alleged contempt of court. Source.

MK - More like, charges were dropped because of insufficient bone density in the Attorney General's office. Oh well, the toothless old Lion is on his way out folks, if it isn't the Islamists, it's the mad leftists that are kicking him. By the way, Hugo Chavez, hero of the morally bankrupt and treacherous left, has anointed himself president for life of Venezuela. Apparently they have broken the chains of capitalism, now if all the Venezuelans could line up peacefully, Chavez will be wrapping them securely in the chains of socialism, never to be broken.

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